The 8th Annual International Meyer Symposium

June 5-6, 2021 | Held virtually

The Annual Gathering of the Meyerites:

Welcome to the home of the International Meyer Symposium. An event that attracts students of Master Meyer from the four corners of the globe, to come together in fraternity and devotion to the Art of Combat as expressed by the master in his works from 1560 – 1570.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, this year’s Symposium will be held virtually. The good news is that everyone is welcome, no travel needed!

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Saturday 5 June
1600 UTC: State of the Guild with Chris VanSlambrouck
1630 UTC: Life and Times of Master Meyer with Roger Norling
1730 UTC: Stump the Chump! Ask questions of Kevin Maurer
1800 UTC: 16th century movement: Swords, Clowns, and Contra posto with Mark Holgate
1900 UTC: Login to Gather for social hour

Sunday 6 June
1600 UTC: Opening Statements with Chris VanSlambouck
1630 UTC: Messer and Dussack – same, different, does it matter? with Jorg Belenhauseen
1730 UTC: Meyer Trivia with Kevin Maurer
1800 UTC: MFFG Guild Meeting